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Smart presents the successor to the ForTwo.


There’s big excitement again at Busch! Hot off the presses, we present the latest news – the beginning of a new era for Smart. The popular miniature collector model gets a new look in time for the world premiere of the new Smart in November 2006. The large model was made 87 times smaller by Busch and supplied for the press introduction at Smart. The dark blue Smart with metallic finish and silver Tridion features many exquisite details such as separately applied outside mirrors, transparent headlights with simulated optics, transparent tail lamps and multi-part interior with a contrasting color instrument panel and separate steering wheel. Fine black reverse printing of the glass roof top, window surrounds, B-pillars and black printing of the beltline trim on the silver Tridion, door handles, the louver and grille opening as well as the silver printing of the Smart logo on the hood and "Smart" on the rear make the model still more authentic. The silver-painted wheel rims complete the appearance. The special model for the press reveal was packed in a small box with "World premiere November 2006" in silver printing. Both the real car and the model will be officially available in 2007. For more information on the full-size version, visit www.smart.de.


Special Auto Models in 1:87

Busch has again provided custom runs of vehicle models for advertising, exhibitions and special events. These models are not available through our regular distribution channels. The following is a list of special models produced in recent weeks:

For Smart, Böblingen:
The new Smart Fortwo for the press introduction on 9.11.06
Smart City Coupé  (Special model for the Smart GmbH in Böblingen. Gold Smart City Coupé with metallic silver painted Tridion. Beside the gold-painted vehicle is seen a shrouded vehicle. Will it be a new model?? The rear wall of the presentation box cover features four-color printing and shows a red curtain which reveals the Smart Logo as well as two spots which are focused on the models. The base text reads: "smart fortwo - more smart fortwo?” Limited edition of 1000 pieces. This model is available at all Smart dealerships as Part No. Q 0022513 V001 C59 Q).

For Miele & Cie. KG, Gütersloh:
Smart Fortwo “MIELE” (Smart Fortwo in Phat Red with Miele imprint.)

For Roco, Switzerland, www.roco.ch:
Smart Fortwo “Securitas” (Smart Fortwo in white with Securitas imprint.)

For the national Toto-Lotto GmbH Baden Württemberg:
Smart Fortwo “Toto-Lotto” (Smart Fortwo in black with elaborate four-colored printing of the Toto Lotto Design, including the license plates, and the slogan "Who will be the 2006 football world champions?” Information about this model can be obtained from Toto Lotto GmbH in Stuttgart.)

For the German Investment Counseling Corporation:
Smart Cabrio “Deutsche Vermögensberater 2” (Smart Cabrio in metallic Star Blue with special imprints that are different on the driver’s and passenger’s side. All models are strictly limited and individually serial-numbered.)

For Audi AG, Ingolstadt:
Audi A6 Limousine and Audi A6 Avant “Taxi” (Audi A6 sedan and station wagon in taxi livery. Each style is packaged in medium presentation box with either “Audi A6 sedan Taxi” or “Audi A6 Avant Taxi” imprinted in silver on the base. Packed in Audi outer carton.)

For Taxi Call Bremen:
Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model  “Taxi Call Bremen” (Special model for Taxi Call in Bremen. The light ivory model trägt einen three-color print on the driver and passenger sides with the company logo. Presented in the mid-sized Plexiglas box with silver-colored base imprint, "Service-Taxi." Packed in Busch outer carton.)

For the Bavarian Red Cross in Aichach Friedberg:
Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model “Bavarian Red Cross Emergency Physician Aichach.” (White E-Class with red beltline stripe. Packed in plastic box with Busch insert.)

For the Zenker Model Car company, Zwickau:
Fortschritt ZT 300 “EGW-Werk” (Blue tractor with black side imprint, “EGW Works – Werdau.”)

Für Rebs-Druck, Roßleben:
Fortschritt ZT 300 (model in military olive and fire brigade red without additional printing.)

For Spiele Max, Berlin, www.spielemax.de:
Fortschritt ZT 303 (Tractor in sienna green has the wider front tires and front axle drive shaft that mark an all-wheel-drive version if the ZT300 that was built in Schönebeck starting in 1983.)

For Lorenzen & Son Construction, Harrislee:
Tempo Dreirad “Lorenzen Construction” (Gray-green model with gray load bed and the firm’s logo in green.)

For SAP, Waldorf:
Multicar “SAP” (White model with salt spreader and blue snow plow. Blue SAP logos are printed on driver and passenger doors.)

For CreativeBusiness advertising agency, Hamburg:
Messerschmitt KR 200 “Cash. Life” (White model with blue seats and wheels and “Cash.Life” printed in blue on the sides.)

For Malteser-Miniaturmodelle, Peter Neubauer, Schifferstadt:
Chevrolet Blazer “Malteser South Africa.” (The white service vehicle model has printing in black, yellow and red and features a detailed imprint of the coat of arms of the Order of St. John of Malta in South Africa.)

For the Audi Club’s eighth annual model auto exchange in Neckarsulm on 15.10.2006:
Auto Union “Audi Club” (Light turquoise Auto Union packed in passenger car hard box with special insert for the occasion of the eighth model auto exchange at Neckarsulm on 15 October 2006.)

For the Ettlingen Fire Brigade:
VW Passat “Ettlingen Fire Brigade” (Very nicely arranged Volkswagen Variant with fine imprinting of the Ettlingen city coat of arms. The strictly limited models are packed in the large presentation box with silver base printing: "1847 - 2007, 160 years of the Ettlingen auxiliary fire brigade.” 500-piece limited edition packed in the Busch outer carton.)

For the Ingolstadt Public Works Department:
DKW 3=6 “Ingolstadt Public Works” Diorama. (Special model for the 1200th anniversary of the city of Ingolstadt. A light gray DKW with black Ingolstadt Public Works markings is featured in a mini-scene that includes a woman jogging past an advertising pillar with contemporary posters. The rear wall of the cover of the presentation box is decorated with scenes of the historic town center and the base is imprinted “Ingolstadt 806-2006.” Packed in white Busch outer carton.)


Model of the Year: BMW 3.5CSL from Busch

Modell des Jahres The readers of “Modell Fahrzeug” magazine selected the BMW 3.5 CSL from Busch as the 2006 Model of the Year in the 1:87 scale passenger car category. We are particularly pleased by this honor as we put our heart and soul into the development of this model. In addition, we are gratified as this prize proves one still can develop and manufacture a superb collector’s model in Germany. For us this prize will be a stimulus to continue our tradition of producing outstanding models in Germany.  

Special thanks to Bill Cawthon for the translations. 13. November 2006


New Auto Models For Delivery In October

Busch has announced more new auto models for delivery in October. Noteworthy releases include the new AUDI A6 sedan in the colors of the Bavarian Police and the current Mercedes E-class T-Model in both police and fire brigade rescue versions. There are new Smart models as well.

The following are the new models coming in October:

40782 Mercedes-Benz LP809 Ladder Truck, Bad Camberg Fire Brigade
41556 Mercedes-Benz 170V pickup with load, Basinus Quelle mineral water
44010 Dodge Power Wagon pickup, U.S. Air Force
47835 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, Düsseldorf Fire Brigade Emergency
47975 Iveco Daily pickup with load, Claus Fruits and Vegetables
48222 Chevrolet 3100 pickup with load, Aspinwall (Pennsylvania) Dept. of Public Works
48965 Smart City Coupe, Towing and Salvage Service
48966 Smart Fortwo, Ordnungsamt (the Ordnungsamt handles issuance of permits, parking violations, public maintenance, etc., much like an American city hall)
49220 Audi A4 sedan in standard finish
49270 Audi A6 Avant in standard finish
49460 Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model, Admont Fire Rescue
49461 Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model, German Police
49603 Audi A6 sedan, Bavarian Police

19. September 2006

The first new 2006 Busch model railroad accessories have been released.

AThe following new accessory items are now available at retailers: 1016 Concrete Wall, 1204 Wheat, 1213 Cabbage & Lettuce, 1800 Roll Test Stand, 2871 Background “Forest”, 7185 Poppy Field, 7186 Thistle Field, 7658 Small Diorama “Halloween 5”, featuring the Grim Reaper, a Hot Rod Mercedes SSK and numerous extra details. Also included in this release are the new N gauge (1:160 scale) Busch “Mini-World” scenes: 8250 “Admiring the Scenery”, 8251 “High Times”, 8252 “No Parking”, 8253 “Pumpkin Patch”, 8254 “The Hitchhiker” and 8255 “Campsite”.

2006’s third release of new model vehicles is underway and shipments are on their way to retailers. Heading the list are the all-new BMW 3.5 CSL and the Fortschritt ZT2300 tractor models. In select European markets there will also be four new Ricko models: Mercedes-Benz 630K, Wanderer W25K Roadster, Horch 930V Cabriolet and Lincoln Model K. Rounding out the list are a number of current Busch models in noteworthy new variants.

A list of the new releases follows:

40300 BMW 3.5 CSL, black, CMD-Collection. (New Tooling) The legendary Bertone-designed race car from the 70s that inspired drivers like Jacky Ickx, Nicki Lauda and Derek Bell and artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Salvatore Dali and Alexander Calder, whose painted BMW was displayed in the Louvre.
40301 BMW 3.5 CSL, white, CMD-Collection
41422 Mercedes 170V “Heppenheim Fire Brigade” Red-and-black sedan with fire brigade markings
41825 Ford E-350 “A.A.D Oost” Ambulance Holland
42800 Fortschritt ZT 300 tractor (New Tooling) East German agricultural tractor from the 1960s.
44011 Dodge Power Wagon, hay truck with bales and pitchforks
44358 Mercedes 507 “Amsterdam Fire Brigade Dive Team”
44531 US Bus Fishbowl, Design-Line Series “Markham, Ontario” The graphics show a forest, blue sky and radiating sun with the slogan, "Markham transit: helping the world stay green."
44550 US Bus Fishbowl, “FDNY” , Part of the Buses of Major American Cities" collectors series. Special transport of the Fire Department in New York City.
44552 US Bus Fishbowl, “New York Bus Service”, Part of the Buses of Major American Cities" collectors series. The bus has separately attached advertising boards with elaborate printed graphics.
46413 Chevy Blazer, “Fish & Wildlife Commission” Metallic dark green-lacquered enforcement vehicle decorated for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission
46415 Chevrolet Blazer, “Niagara Falls Police” Service vehicle of the Niagara Falls (New York) Police. The model features the department’s award-winning graphics.
48406 NSU 1000TTS “Trofeo Florio” The only production car with an external oil cooler, this Alpha Red 1968 TTS wore No. 73 in the 2004 running of the Trofeo Florio in Sicily.
48523 MB M-Class, Berne (Switzerland) Sanitätspolizei. The Berne Sanitätspolizei (medical police) are not law enforcement officials. They are responsible for all emergency medical service and transport in the Berne region, as well as various types of rescue service.
48962 Smart City Coupé “Distance Investigation” The corn-yellow Smart is used by the Wirzius Company for scouting routes for heavy load transportation and as a spare parts courier for the remote company vehicle parks.
48964 Smart City Coupé “Roncalli Circus” Resplendent gold-colored car used by the Circus Roncalli. Especially noteworthy is the superfine printing with delicate pinstripes and curlicues.
48968 Smart Fortwo “Kiel Fire Brigade” limited edition! The fire-red model with remarkable yellow graphics is supplied in a presentation box imprinted on the base and rear wall of the Plexiglas cover. Strictly limited to 750 pieces, each serial-numbered model features a reverse-printed regatta scene which is being attentively observed by fireman with binoculars.
48987 Smart Fortwo, “Fleurop” Pastel yellow Smart in flowered livery of the Fleurop company. The lavishly printed red Gerbera blooms lend a special charm to the model.
49111 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, “Police” Silver with mint green side stripes
49271 Audi A4 Avant, Facelift "Bavarian Red Cross Emergency Physician"
49458 MB E-Class, T-Model “German Red Cross Emergency Physician” Euro-yellow medical response vehicle of the German Red Cross rescue service in Freital.
49463 MB E-Class, T-Model “THW” THW vehicle used by the local organization in Wiesbaden. The white E-class T-Model is used as command car by the local federation leaders.
49503 Smart Forfour, “German Military” Bay Gray sedan with the German military Iron Cross and “Bundeswehr” markings.
49705 Mercedes-Benz R-Class, CMD Collection First release of the new Mercedes-Benz family vehicle. Available in Tanzanite Blue, Travertine Beige, Tektite Gray
49810 MB M-Class W164 is now offered as standard release in dark green and black

9838810 RICKO: Mercedes-Benz 630K Cabriolet, open
9838849 RICKO: Wanderer W25K Roadster
9838852 RICKO: Horch 930V Cabriolet, open
9838863 RICKO: Lincoln Model K 7-passenger phaeton, open

10. June 2006

The first new 2006 Busch model railroad accessories have been released.

Among the new items are roses, tulips and daisies for HO scale and sunflowers for N scale. Another new product is the realistic sound "DRIVE" digital decoder for H0 locomotives. It allows the simultaneous playing of two driving noises (e.g. diesel engine and exhaust) and two auxiliary noises. The “DRIVE” decoder recognizes automatically whether the system is operating in analog or digital mode. Current monitoring, load control and the control of 4 auxiliary functions are standard. There is also a new office furniture set complete with 4 office chairs and 4 computer workstations (two with monitors illuminated by white LEDs). Another new item is an improved version of the popular Busch camping set with 4 tents (with partial interiors), folding table and stool, life boat, air mattresses, campfires and direction sign. For more information about these new products, consult your Busch retailer.

10. June 2006

Second release of new models for 2006 (May):

The second release of new models for 2006 is underway. Among them you will find the all-new Mercedes W123 sedan. Also included are six new models from Ricko: Lamborghini Diablo, Miura and Murcielago, Maserati Coupe and Spyder and the brand-new Dodge Caliber. The second release also includes many highly interesting new variations of popular Busch models.

The following is a list of the new models:

40646 Tempo Dreirad “Ella´s Flower Power”
40728 Mercedes-Benz LP809, Bavarian Red Cross emergency service truck
40915 DKW 3=6 Bus
41952 Citroën H “Posterijen” Dutch Postal Service
43004 Toyota Land Cruiser, “Macau Police”
43908 Volvo 544 “HTWT” (Historic Touring Car Trophy) Start No. 72
44530 US “Fishbowl” Bus “Oakville” DESIGN-LINE
44654 Chrysler Voyager, Fire Brigade
44981 US Travel Trailer “Schöller”
46024 LaFrance Pumper, “Niagara Falls Fire Department”
46025 LaFrance Ladder Truck, “Niagara Falls Fire Department”
46414 Chevrolet Blazer “EMS Niagara”
46855 Mercedes W123 Sedan - CMD Collection
48221 Chevrolet Pickup “Schmitt Flower Studio”
48521 MB M-Class “German Red Cross Rescue Dog Team”
48541 MB M-Class “Lausanne Fire Brigade Emergency Physician”
48616 MB A-Class “AvD (German Auto Club) Road Service”
48967 Smart City Coupe “Mr. Brown Coffee Drink”
49303 Smart Roadster “Crazy Cars”
49502 Smart Forfour “First Responder”
9838801 RICKO: Lamborghini Diablo
9838803 RICKO: Lamborghini Miura
9838804 RICKO: Lamborghini Murcielago
9838805 RICKO: Maserati Coupe
9838807 RICKO: Maserati Spyder
9838869 RICKO: Dodge Caliber
9838877 RICKO: MB 300C Limousine, 2-tone

02. June 2006


Special Models “1:87 Auto Models”

Busch regularly produces many custom auto models for advertising, exhibitions and special events. These special models are not available through our regular retail distribution. The following will give you an overview of the models we have provided in recent weeks:

For DaimlerChrysler AG in Stuttgart
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class in Obsidian Black metallic (B6 696 1379), Iridium Silver metallic (B6 696 1380) and Cubanit Silver metallic (B6 696 1381). Available exclusively through Mercedes-Benz.
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class “Automobile Salon” Special model for the Geneva Auto Show

For Audi AG in Ingolstadt
Audi A6 Avant “Sales Record South Africa 2005”
Audi A6 Avant “Sales Record Middle East”
Audi A6 Avant “AARU” Audi Accident Research Unit

For  NOE-Schaltechnik, Kuntzestraße 72 in Süssen
Diorama “NOE-Plast” features 4-color printing of street scene with noise barrier and either a 49805 Mercedes M-Class or 46503 Renault 4CV.

For Hansen Advertising in Dreieich
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “Hansen Werbetechnik” promotional truck for Hansen Advertising, which specializes in custom vehicle graphics.

For Modell Fan magazine
US “Fishbowl” Bus “Modell Fan” special Toy Fair 2006 promotion for “Modell Fan” magazine.

For Smart GmbH in Böblingen
Smart Fortwo “Magic Winter Dreams 2005” Diorama featuring Smart Fortwo with transparent blue body panels and transparent jetline wheels stands on a mountain of “ice cubes." Beside it stands an elf in a silver dress with resplendent transparent wings. In the background an "ice tree" is placed. Around the scene are “ice” ferns and "ice" mushrooms of different sizes. Everything is arranged on a blue-transparent base imprinted with "Magic Winter Dreams, Smart Fortwo Coupe". The large presentation box has a beautiful print of an ice landscape on the rear wall of the cover and is packed in a white Smart outer carton. The Diorama (No. Q 0022314 V001 C59 Q00) is strictly limited to 1,000 individually serial-number 1.000 pieces. Available exclusively from Smart.

For Schlüter in Oldenburg
Smart Fortwo Cabrio + clevertrailer “TNT” Decorated for TNT Hennes Express.

Für die Vermögensberatung AG
Smart Fortwo Cabrio “Deutsche Vermögensberatung” promotional vehicle for a German investment counseling firm

For Diener Co. in Gummersbach
Multicar “Fire Brigade” special model for the Intermodellbau exhibition
Multicar “THW” special model for the Intermodellbau exhibition

02. June 2006


New Colors

The following models will henceforth be produced in new colors:

43906 Volvo 544
Color I: Body: Sand Beige, Seats: Light Gray
Color II: Body: Tomato Red, Sets: Gray

45813 Karmann Ghia
Color I: Body: Red, Seats: Black
Color II: Body: Black, Seats: Leather Red

48900 Smart City Coupe
Color I: Body panel: Mad Red, Tridion: Silver, Seats: bungee red, Wheels: passion
Color II: Body panel: Hello Yellow, Tridion: Black, Seats: twister bluegrey, Wheels: pulse
Color III: Body panel: Jack Black, Tridion: Silver, Seats: bungee red, Wheels: passion

02. June 2006 


First Release of new Auto Models for 2006 (March):

The first release of our 2006 items has begun and new models are on their way to hobby retailers and distributors. Among these is the all-new Opel Kadett C. There is also a variety of interesting new variations of our standard models and new Smart models. The new Ricko models announced for March are not yet available. We are hoping to have them in early May.

The following is a list of the new models in the First Release:

40729 Mercedes-Benz LP809 “René Strickler” animal park
41557 Mercedes-Benz 170V “Telephone Service”
41824 Ford E-350 “Niagara EMS” ambulance (Ontario, Canada)
42105 Opel Kadett C CMD-Collection
42766 VW Beetle “Austrian Post”
43003 Toyota Land Cruiser  La Bégude (France) fire brigade
44009 Dodge Power Wagon “Stillwater (Texas) Garage”
44551 US Bus Fishbowl “New York City Police Dept.”
45113 Cadillac Eldorado '59 Convertible “Oil Baron”
47555 Ford Mustang Coupe “Pace Car”
47627 Chevrolet Caprice “Goderich Police” (Ontario, Canada)
47723 Ford Model AA “Railroad Express Shipment”
47834 MB Sprinter “Circus Knie”
48705 Fiat 500 “Fiat”
48756 Puch 500 “Austrian Gendarmerie”
48960 Smart City Coupe “Post Express”
48961 Smart Coupe + clevertrailer “Pizza Shop”
48963 Smart Fortwo “ProChrist mobile”
48969 Smart Fortwo “Football (Soccer)”
49221 Audi A4 "Facelift" “Bavarian Police”
49262 Audi A4 Avant “Malteser Emergency Physician”
49459 MB E-Class, T-Model “Taxi”
49650 Audi A6 Avant

Special thanks to Bill Cawthon for the translations. 27  March 2006


Busch: Police Vehicle Model Manufacturer of the Year

For the past ten years, Flashlight has selected a police model manufacturer of the year. Each year, the readers have been asked to vote for their favorite. Model selection is not the only criterion. In addition readers consider the manufacturer’s catalog, customer service, sales, website etc. With 58.5% of the votes, Busch marked its tenth consecutive appearance in first place. Readers selected the Busch Mercedes M-Class in Swedish “POLIS” livery as the model of the year.

We thank the readers of Flashlight for their choice. For us it is a stimulus to continue to produce future police models of the highest quality and detailing. In 2006 we will offer ten new models for fans of police vehicles in miniature. This year’s highlight is sure to be the American "Fishbowl" bus in the colors of the New York City Police Department.

Special thanks to Bill Cawthon for the translations. 27  March 2006

New Colors
The following models are now available in new colors:

40508 Mercedes-Benz 170S, Cabriolet (closed)
Color I: Upper body: blue-gray Lower body: anthracite Top: black
Color II: Upper body: pastel green Lower body: black-green Top: black

42000 Opel Rekord C, Limousine
Color I: Body: Dark Bordeaux Red Seats: anthracite
Color II: Body: Nocturne Blue Seats: red
Color III: Body: Horizon Blue Seats: black

43416 Cadillac ´54
Color I: Body: Turquoise Seats: Cream
Color II: Body: dark red Seats: Beige

45003 Chevrolet Bel Air ´57, Limousine
Color I: Body: blackberry Seats: Cream
Color II: Body: blue-black Seats: Red

46603 Dodge Monaco, Limousine
Color I: Body: dark brown Seats: Braun
Color II: Body: Gray-beige Seats: Graubraun

47550 Ford Mustang, Limousine
Color I: Body: brilliant blue Seats: Red
Color II: Body: light green Seats: light gray
Color III: Body: light red Seats: black

48001 Citroen DS 19, Limousine two-tone
Color I: Body: apple green Top: Ivory Seats: Beige
Color II: Body: light blue Top: Bordeaux Red Seats: Bordeaux Red
Color III: Body: vanilla yellow Top: sapphire blue Seats: Blue

49600 Audi A6, Limousine
Color I: Body: dark green (similar to Deep Green pearl effect, but without the metallic lacquer) Seats: cream-beige
Color II: Body: Red (similar to Canyon Red pearl effect, but without the metallic lacquer) Seats: black
Color III: Body: Gray (similar to Atlas Gray metallic, but without the metallic lacquer finish) Seats: black

Special thanks to Bill Cawthon for the translations. 27  March 2006


Limited edition made exclusively for Vedes & Spielzeug-Ring. Available now.

Exclusive Christmas diorama for Vedes- und Spielzeug-Ring Company. The intricately arranged scene includes an orange-colored Smart Fortwo with a special red-and-white striped Tridion. There is also an orange “Clevertrailer” imprinted with matching warning stripes. Interesting features are the snowplow mounted on the front of the Smart and the salt spreader on the rear of the Clevertrailer. Other details included in the diorama are a snowman on a snowdrift, two small snow-covered firs and a Christmas tree with metallic ornaments. This attractive scene is arranged on a white base with tracks in the snow and “Smart in Winter Service” imprinted in black. A winter scene is reverse-printed on the back wall of the clear cover. The diorama is packed in a white Busch outer carton. The suggested retail price is 19,99 €.

Other Special Models:

Mercedes-Benz R-Class “IAA”
Special R-Class in metallic obsidian black for the 61st International Auto Show in Frankfurt. This limited-edition model comes in a presentation box with silver imprint “61. IAA 2005, Mercedes-Benz R-Klasse” on the base and packed in a M-B outer carton. Each presentation box carries a label imprinted “61. IAA 2005, Mercedes-Benz R-Klasse, No. xxx of 500” on the underside of the base.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class “IAA”
M-Class decorated for the 61st International Auto Show in Frankfurt. The special metallic iridium-silver model carries the IAA logo in blue and white on the roof. It is provided in a presentation box with silver imprint “61. IAA 2005, Mercedes-Benz M-Klasse” and packed in a M-B outer carton. Each presentation box carries a label imprinted “61. IAA 2005, Mercedes-Benz M-Klasse, No. xxx of 500” on the underside of the base.

48957 Smart Fortwo “Pustefix”
The deep yellow Smart Fortwo with its blue Tridion is decorated for the German soap bubble toy company Pustefix. The model features a complex, four-color imprint of company logos and the multi-colored bubbles for which Pustefix is famous. The model is packed in the pallet box for use with the Smart Collector Tower and is available in the toy departments of Müller drugstores.

Smart Fortwo “Raiffeisen”
Custom run for specialty retailer Wischnewski Modellauto in Lübeck. The white Smart with green Tridion, grille and outside rearview mirrors carries the green imprint “Raiffeisen”. The model is packed in the pallet box for use with the Smart Collector Tower.

13. November 2005


5th Release of new 2005 items (October)

The fifth release of new models for 2005 is now on its way to hobby retailers. Among the new items you will find a new Multicar snowplow and two limited-edition Smart models.

The following models are now available:

40914 DKW 3=6 van "Gasolin"
41823 Ford E-350 ambulance "Pikesville, Maryland, Volunteer Fire Department"
42205 Multicar "Winter Service" with snowplow and salt spreader
43001 Toyota Land Cruiser, Macau Fire Brigade "Corpo de Bombeiros"
43002 Toyota Land Cruiser "UN"
44007 Dodge Power Wagon "Fire Fighter"
44008 Fargo Power Wagon HO-gauge railcar with interchangeable flanged and road wheels
47554 Ford Mustang Coupé "Historic Touring Car Trophy No. 92"
47831 MB Sprinter command vehicle "Menningen Fire and Disaster Control Service"
47832 MB Sprinter van "Circus Krone"
48538 MB M-Class "Swedish Police"
48755 Puch 500 "EHW" holiday mini-scene. Production limited to 750 pieces.
48950 Smart City Coupé "Storch Funeral Services"
48953 Smart Fortwo "truestyle" Limited edition
48973 Smart Fortwo Cabrio "truestyle" Limited edition
48998 Smart + clevertrailer "Smart in Winter Service"
49015 Ford Crown Victoria "Springfield Police"
49164 MB C-Klasse T-Modell "German Red Cross, St.Ingbert"
49205 Audi A 4 Limousine "Bavarian Red Cross, Schweinfurt"
49302 Smart Roadster "Traveler" with luggage rack and suitcase.
49453 MB E-Class, T-Model "Dortmund Emergency Doctor"
49454 MB E-Class, T-Model "Berlin Police"
49651 Audi A6 Avant "25 Years of Quattro"
49968 Vacation accessory set with roof and bicycle racks, surfboard with mast, air mattresses, beverage crates and more.

27. October 2005


Beware of counterfeit Smart models!

It has come to our attention that counterfeit Smart models are being offered to collectors, usually with the claim they are special limited-edition models that were produced by Busch. The latest example of this is a "Milka" Smart, which we understand is being sold as a Busch model commissioned by Milka for use as an advertising item. This is unfortunately not the case. In this instance, not only are Busch’s intellectual property rights being violated, but those of Milka and Kraft Foods of Germany, as well, since no license for use of their trademarks has been granted. Of equal importance is the fact you, as our customer, are being defrauded.

In order to protect you against counterfeits, we have prepared a list with the Smart models that were actually produced by Busch. You find the current list here...

If a model not shown on our list is offered to you, we would ask that you let us know. We take great care to protect our trademarks and ensure that when you buy a Busch model for your collection or modeling hobby enjoyment, you can enjoy the confidence your new model is the genuine article. We will pursue each violation of our intellectual property rights or other trademark laws.

12. September 2005


Emergency doctor vehicles from the past and present

A limited edition of 999 sets produced exclusively for idee + spiel. Available now from your idee + spiel dealer.

Mercedes W123, T-Model: White model with red stripes on driver and front seat passenger side as well as red graphics on the hood and rear. “EMERGENCY DOCTOR” is printed on the front doors. The model has the twin blue lights typical for the period mounted on the roof. The vehicle’s wheels feature multiple chrome-platings.

Mercedes E-Class, T-Model: The metallic silver-painted vehicle has a fluorescent red beltline stripe as well as a fluorescent red imprint on hood. "EMERGENCY DOCTOR" is printed on the front doors. There is a white Hella light bar printed with "EMERGENCY DOCTOR" on the roof.

The models are packed in a large presentation box with a two-color graphic and “Emergency Vehicles from the past and present” printed on the back wall. The names of the cars are printed in silver on the base. All sets are serial-numbered on the underside of the base and are labeled “Idee+spiel special set of "Emergency Vehicles from the past and present " No. xxx of 999.”

06. August 2005

Busch presents the new Mercedes R-Class in 1:87 scale

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Busch has produced the new R-Class in 1:87 scale for Mercedes. The finest tooling and the prototypical appearance make this a work of art in miniature. The generous expanse of clear glass roof permits easy viewing of the exquisitely detailed six-seat interior. The front of the R-Class is defined by the chrome-plated radiator grille and the large headlights, in whose clear glass optics are realistically reproduced the jet-like lenses of the full-size car. The models feature highly polished metallic lacquer finishes and will be available initially from Mercedes Benz dealerships. The following colors can now be ordered: Iridium Silver Metallic (part no. B6 696 1369), Cuban Silver Metallic (part no. B6 696 1370) and Obsidian Black Metallic (part no. B6 696 1371). Each model comes in a medium presentation box with "Mercedes-Benz R-Class" printed in silver on the base and is packed in the Mercedes gray and black-striped outer carton.

Special thanks to Bill Cawthon for the translation.

06. August 2005


4th Release of new 2005 items (August/September)

Busch is now shipping the fourth release of new 2005 models to hobby distributors and retailers. Among the models being delivered are the all-new American “Fishbowl” bus and the restyled Audi A4 Avant.

The new items include:

41951 Citroen H van “Automobile Club de l'Ouest”
42202 Multicar “Saxony-Anhalt Police”
42909 Cadillac ‘66 “Harvey’s Charter Fishing Boats”
44500 American “Fishbowl” City Bus, green
44501 American “Fishbowl” City Bus, red
44502 American “Fishbowl” City Bus, RTD Line 35 Los Angeles
47833 MB Sprinter “Truckpaint”
47918 Iveco Daily grill wagon “Greek Specialties”
48940 Smart Fortwo “Conny’s Party Service”
48949 Smart Fortwo “German Federal Armed Forces”
48955 Smart Fortwo with Clevertrailer “Sinalco”
49163 MB C-Class, T-Model “Police”
49275 Audi A 4 Avant, CMD-Collection
49351 Smart Roadster Coupé “Smart”
49456 MB E-Class, T-Model “Hamburg Police”
49601 Audi A6 sedan “DSV”
49805 MB M-Class, CMD-Collection

06. August 2005


Special Model “1:87 Auto Models”

Busch has once again produced a number of custom auto models for advertising, exhibitions and special events. These special models are not available through our regular retail distribution. The following will give you an overview of the models we have provide in recent weeks:

For DaimlerChrysler AG in Stuttgart:
Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Mercedes-Benz R-Class “Press Driving Presentation”

For the Diener Company in Gummersbach:
Toyota Land Cruiser “THW” Interschutz (An international trade fair for fire, rescue and disaster relief agencies)
Audi A6 Avant “Fire Brigade” Interschutz
Audi A6 Avant “Police” Interpolice (International exhibition for law enforcement and security agencies)

For the Little Auto Shop in Osnabrück:
Audi A4 Avant “Berlin Fire Brigade”
Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model “Dortmund Emergency Doctor” in CMD finish

For the 7th Model Auto Exchange AF Neckarsulm on 16.10.2005:
Audi A6 Avant “Audi Club”

For the DB (Deutsche Bahn AG, www.bahnshop.de):
Smart Forfour “Carsharing”
VW Passat Set “DB” in 1:160 scale
Smart City Coupé “DB Carsharing” in 1:160 scale
Smart City Coupé “DB Carsharing” in 1:160 scale as a lapel pin

06. August 2005


New Model Autos – Third Release 2005 (June/July):

The third release of 2005 new models to distributors and retailers is now underway. Among the new items is the redesigned AUDI A6 Avant. In addition, there are again many noteworthy new versions of other Busch models, such as the Tempo three-wheeler in "Sinalco" livery, the Dodge Power Wagon with a realistic load of corn and, of course, new and attractive Smart variants.

Listing of the new models:

40645 Tempo Dreirad “Sinalco”: This nostalgic delivery van commemorates the 100th anniversary of Sinalco, the popular European citrus drink. The yellow model is imprinted with classic “Sinalco” graphics. In addition, each model includes a beverage case with bottles in the package.

40727 Mercedes-Benz LP809 “Neuwied Fire Brigade”: Replica of an emergency vehicle used by Neuwied Fire Brigade. The cab features a finely printed reproduction of the city’s coat of arms.

43418 Cadillac´52 Sedan “Crazy Cars”: The pale-blue Caddy with blue-tinted windows and color-coordinated interior has the flame pattern printing design from the collector’s series of "Crazy Cars". Each white flame also has a razor-thin silver edge.

44006 Dodge Power Wagon “Farm Truck”: "Old" best describes this Dodge. The gray-green matte-finished model has a "replaced" door on the passenger side and one completely "repaired" hood, even a wheel rim has been "exchanged". The remainder of the gray-green body shows lots of wear and tear. The wood stake bed is filled with several super-delicate corn plants, which were manufactured with finest injection molding technology available. Another original accessory is a detailed scarecrow, which is included with each model.

47200 Renault R312 Bus “Paris” 12th Version: Collector Series: Paris city buses of various lines. For 2005, we present Line 133 “Le Bourget”. To date, the following models have been produced and are sold out through version 11.

Version 1, 1994: Line 74 “Hotel de Ville”
Version 2, 1995: Line 24 “Gare St. Lazare”
Version 3, 1996: Line 53 “Opera”
Version 4, 1997: Line 26 “Gare St. Lazare”
Version 5, 1998: Line 38 “Porte d´Oréans”
Version 6, 1999: Line 72 “Parc de Sainte-Cloud”
Version 7, 2000: Line 46 “Gare du Nord”
Version 8, 2001: Line 21 “Gare St. Lazare”
Version 9, 2002: Line E “Les Noctambus”
Version 10, 2004: Line 42 “Gare du Nord”
Version 11, 2004: Line 75 “Pont Neuf”

47553 Ford Mustang Coupé “Historic Touring Car Trophy No. 91”: Fire-red Mustang with zinc-yellow stripes and wheels decorated as a race car from the “Historic Touring Car Trophy” collector’s series. The real versions of these cars are still raced today. Naturally, the steel roll cage found in the original is reproduced in detail for the miniature vehicle. Each model in this collector’s series is packed in a special hard plastic box with special insert.

47626 Chevrolet Caprice “Honolulu Police”: Model of patrol vehicle used by the Honolulu police department, Hawaii’s largest law enforcement agency. Since Hawaii, the last state admitted to the United States, does not have a state police force, this car is being used for the final model of the U.S. State Police Collector Series. The model is supplied in the standard passenger car hard box.

48754 Puch 500 “Historic Touring Car Trophy Start No. 2”: Signal Yellow Steyr-Puch in the competition colors of the Historic Touring Car Trophy collector’s series. The full-size car is still running, now driven by Michael Volle. The model is packed in a hard plastic box with a special insert.

48948 Smart Fortwo with Clevertrailer “Hearts”: The all-white Smart and trailer with delicate trailer coupling are printed with hearts all over. A "sweet" collector’s item, the package includes an additional heart charm.

48986 Smart Crossblade “Overnight”: Eye-catching company car of the Overnight Courier Service with distinctive design.

49166 Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model “Speyer Fire Brigade” limited edition: Replica of a Mercedes emergency vehicle in service with the Speyer fire brigade. The white model with the distinctive red/yellow printing is supplied in an imprinted presentation case. Strictly limited to 750 serial-numbered pieces, the rear wall of the case is reverse-printed with a scene showing the Speyer cathedral. A figure of a nun with a very delicately formed scale bicycle stands in front of the cathedral, admiring the vehicle.

49264 Audi A4 Avant “Lindau Fire Brigade”: Emergency vehicle used by the Lindau (Bodensee) district fire inspector. The fire-brigade-red model has a distinctive bright yellow printing and carries on its roof rack a light blue light bar with chrome-plated horns.

49301 Smart Roadster “Party”: Humorous graphics decorate this advertising vehicle designed for a discotheque.

49501 Smart Forfour “Visiting Nurse”: For the first time in our line of rescue service vehicle models – the metallic silver-lacquered Smart Forfour decorated for an outpatient home nursing service. Complete with light-hearted printed details, such as a syringe on the body panels and an adhesive bandage on the Tridion.

49602 Audi A6 Limousine “Safety Car”: Metallic silver-lacquered AUDI A6 sedan with fine printing “DTM Safety Car” and an unusual roof light bar in green/red.

49655 Audi A6 Avant CMD-Collection NEW MODEL: This highly detailed model is a perfect reproduction of the new mid-size estate wagon from Ingolstädt. Deep lacquer finishes, delicate separate parts and superfine chrome-plating join to form a totally prototypical effect, which captivate the viewer with the following noteworthy details:

1. Super highly polished bodies with finely engraved lines.
2. Very bright headlights with prototypical three-lamp optics and separately applied taillights.
3. Fine chrome-plating for radiator and oil cooler surrounds, Audi rings and fog lights on the front and the exhaust pipe tips at the rear of the model. In addition, the reflecting surfaces of the exterior and interior rearview mirrors are chrome-plated.
4. Fine printing of the model designation on the rear of the model, separate printing of the third brake light in red, complex printing of the window, windshield and backlight surrounds as well as the reversing lights, which are printed on the taillights.
5. Separately applied high gloss chrome trim at the rear of the sedan, and/or matte-chrome-plated roof railing on the Avant model.
6. Aluminum-colored lacquered wheels.
7. Contrasting color brake disks behind the wheels.
8. Prototypical interior with contrasting color instrument panel and separate steering wheel.
9. Freestanding interior rearview mirror with silvered reflector.
10. Highly polished metallic lacquer finishes in original factory colors.
11. Detailed license plates are printed on the model.

The new models will be available in the following colors - Canyon Red pearl effect, Stratus Blue pearl effect and Atlas Gray Metallic.

Special thanks to Bill Cawthon for the translation.

23. July 2005

Exclusive Model:
Smart Fortwo remote broadcast unit with folding rooftop antenna.

These attractive, limited-edition models were produced exclusively for the Huenerbein Model Railroad Center in Aachen (Markt 11-15, 52062 Aachen, mc-huenerbein@t-online.de). The white Smart City Coupés are replicas of remote broadcasting vehicles used by the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk or West German Broadcasting) with folding rooftop antennas (new tooling). Two versions of this model were produced. On the first variant, the passenger side door has the slogan, "Wir schalten um nach nebenan" (the title of a popular WDR news feature focusing on local items) on a yellow-colored background. The passenger door of the second version has “Lokalzeit aus Aachen” (Local News from Aachen), on an orange background. The driver's door and roof antenna carry the same imprint on both versions. The models are individually packed in a clear plastic folding box with Busch insert.

Additional models based on remote transmission vehicles used by other broadcasting companies are being planned as future new items.

23. June 2005


New Colors

These current Busch models are now available in the following colors:


40200 BMW 327 "CMD-Collection"
Color I: Upper Body: Dark Green, Body Accent: Lime Green, Lower Body: Dark Green, Seats: Medium Green
Color II: Upper Body: Charcoal, Body Accent: Light Gray, Lower Body: Charcoal, Seats: Dark Blue

41409 Mercedes-Benz 170V, Sedan
Color I: Upper Body: Black-Brown, Lower body: Black, Seats: Black
Color II: Upper Body: Gray-Green, Lower Body: Black Green, Seats: Black Green

42761 VW Beetle Export Model with oval window
Color I: Body: Gray-Beige, Seats: Cream
Color II: Body: Green-Beige, Seats: Dark Green

43101 Borgward Isabella Coupé, two-tone metallic
Color I: Upper Body: Metallic Bordeaux, Lower Body: Light Beige, Roof: Light Beige, Seats: Brown-Beige
Color II: Upper Body: White, Lower Body: Gray-Brown, Roof: White, Seats: Red

48750 Puch 500, with closed sunroof
Color I: Body: Pastel Green, Seats: Gray-Brown
Color II: Body: Beige, Seats: Gray-Brown

24. March 2005


First release of new models for 2005 (March)

The first release of new models for 2005 is now on its way to hobby retailers and distributors. Among the models being shipped are the brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser and the new Ricko Alfa Romeo 156, Alfa Romeo 33.2 Daytona and Lancia Delta. In addition, there are a number of exciting new variations of other Busch models.

Included in the first release:

40002 Benz Patent-Motorcar “Bertha Benz”
41822 Ford E-350 “Erway Ambulance”
41950 Citroën H “Esso”
42322 Peugeot 403 “Garage Revillard”
43000 Toyota Land Cruiser J4 with Hardtop
44653 Dodge Ram Van “Fire Safety Education”
44913 Dual-Axle Trailer “Bundesgrenzschutz” (German Border Police)
46505 Renault 4 CV “Postes” (French postal service)
46809 Mercedes W123 “Pfungstadt Fire Brigade”
47625 Chevrolet Caprice “New York Fire Department”
47692 Chevrolet Caprice “Washington State Patrol”
48533 Mercedes M-Class “Malteser Emergency Doctor”
48614 MB A-Class “Augsburg Fire Brigade”
49086 Ford Crown Victoria “Connecticut State Police”
49109 Mercedes C-Class “Seeheim-Jugenheim Fire Brigade”
49452 MB E-Class, T-Model “ASB Emergency Doctor”
49500 Smart Forfour, standard edition
49971 Plastic Box “Smart”
49972 Large Presentation Box, Plastic
9838813 RICKO: Lancia Delta HF integrale Evo 2
9838814 RICKO: Lancia Delta HF integrale Martini
9838832 RICKO: Alfa Romeo 33.2 “Daytona 1968”
9838839 RICKO: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA, model year 2002
9838840 RICKO: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Racing “Start No. 3”
9838843 RICKO: Alfa Romeo 33.2 “Museum version

Special thanks to Bill Cawthon for the translation.

15th of March, 2005


Special Production – 1:87 Auto Models

Busch also makes special models for advertising, exhibitions and special events. These special models are not available through our regular trade distribution. The following is an overview of such models produced in recent weeks:


For Audi AG, Ingolstadt:
Audi A6 Avant in Light Silver Metallic (Part No. 501 040 6212), Lava Gray Metallic (Part No. 501 040 6222), Aero Blue Metallic (Part No. 501 040 6232) und Night Blue Metallic (Part No. 501 040 6242)


Audi A4 Sedan “Facelift” in Garnet Red Metallic with light gray seats, Article No. 501 04041 32


For the Modellautobörse (Model Auto Exchange), Audi Forum Ingolstadt:
Audi A6 “Modellautobörse 2004,” Limited edition of 666 pieces


For Busch Automodelle, Viernheim/Schönheide:
Audi A4 Sedan “Tag der offenen Tür” (Open House Day), Special model commemorating Busch Automodelle’s tenth anniversary.

Smart Forfour “Cologne Fair,” Special model for the International Model Railroad Exhibition in Cologne, Germany from 4th to 7th November 2004, Limited edition of 1,000 pieces


For DaimlerChrysler AG and Smart GmbH:
Smart City Coupé “Follow Me” escort car for the TUI Marathon, Palma de Majorca 2004


For “Der kleine Autoladen,” Osnabrück:
Smart Fortwo “Hamburg Fire Brigade”


For the Müller Companies:
Smart Fortwo “Chupa Chups”


For "Die Ecke," Bitburg:
Smart Roadster “Bitburger”


For SF Spiel & Freizeit/VEDES eG:
Smart Forfour “Smart in Winter Forest II”


For Smart GmbH, Böblingen:
Smart Forfour “Follow me to X-mas 2004”


For idee+spiel retailers:
Fire Brigade set “The Fire Brigade Yesterday and Today”


For the Friesenheim Fire Brigade Association:
Fiat Ducato (flat roof) “Kippenheim Fire Brigade”


For Der kleine Autoladen in Osnabrück; Neue Hottenrot in Goslar; and Train & Play of Hannover:
Mercedes-Benz M-Class “Goslar Rescue Service”


For www.bahnshop.de:
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “Touring”


For BMW AG, Munich:
Kleindiorma ”Coffee House” with BMW 327
Kleindiorama “Summertime”
Kleindiorama “Christmas”

18th of December, 2004


Fifth release of new models for 2004 (December)

The rest of collection of new Busch models (2004) has been released to hobby distributors and retailers:

41820 Ford E-350 “LifeNet”
The blue-green lacquered model is a replica of an American ambulance used by the LifeNet emergency medical service of Northeast Texas.

41821 Ford E-350 “CareFlite”
American ambulance in the bold design of the CareFlite medical transportation service of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

41854 Ford E-350 “Greyhound”
Light delivery truck decorated for Greyhound Express courier service.

47830 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “WMF Industrial Fire Brigade”
Emergency vehicle operated by the WMF company fire brigade in Geislingen, Germany.

48942 Smart City-Coupé “Spedition Gaiser”
Special car used by the Gaiser GmbH trucking company of Rielasingen-Worblingen, Germany. This distinctive model has different printing on either side. The driver’s side displays the German flag in black, red and gold, while the passenger’s side carries the Swiss ensign in red with a white cross. The two flags meet at the front of the model.

48943 Smart Fortwo “New York City Marathon”
Escort vehicle from the 2003 New York City Marathon.

48944 Smart Fortwo with Clevertrailer
The “Clevertrailer” was designed and built especially for Smart vehicles by the Swiss company of the same name. Naturally, there must be a model in 1:87 scale. You can get more information at www.clevertrailer.ch.

49085 Ford Crown Victoria "West Virginia State Police"
No. 45 in the limited edition “U.S. State Police” collector’s series. The West Virginia State Police Department was formed in 1919.

49155 Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model “Designo-Line” CMD-Collection
Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model in Avant-Garde trim with special Designo Line treatments. The CMD models are painstakingly painted in the original Designo colors. They are available in the following three special colors: Designo magenta with Designo ultramarine interior, Designo Orange with Designo light brown interior and Designo sea-blue with Viviante Green interior.

49252 Audi A 4 Avant “Baden Württemberg Police”
A miniature copy of a police car from the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The model is finished in a light metallic silver lacquer.

49258 Audi A 4 Avant “Mobile Service”
Light metallic silver-lacquered Avant in the livery of an Audi factory service vehicle used to provide rapid motorist assistance “around the clock.”

49350 Smart Roadster Coupé
Smart Roadster Coupé standard edition. The models are available in two colors: Shine Yellow with silver Tridion and seats in Mikado Black as well as Spice Red with black Tridion and seats in Mikado olive-gray.

49451 Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model “Emergency Doctor”
Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model in brilliant metallic silver lacquer with German emergency physician marking.

49605 Audi A6 Sedan “CMD-Collection” NEW TOOLING

These new, highly detailed models are perfect reproductions of the mid-range sedans from Ingolstädt. Rich lacquer finishes, delicate, individually applied parts and superfine chrome plating result in a completely prototypical effect, highlighted by the following noteworthy details:

  1. Super-high-polished body with fine engraving.
  2. very bright headlights with prototypical three-lens optics and separate taillights.
  3. fine chrome plating of the grille surround, Audi rings, fog lights and the tips of the exhaust pipes. In addition, the reflecting surfaces of both outside and inside rearview mirrors are chrome-plated.
  4. Fine printing of the model designation on the driver’s side, separate printing of the third brake light in the interior, Intricate printing of the B-pillar and windshield and rear window trim. Reversing lights are printed on the taillights.
  5. Separately-applied chrome trim on the rear of the model.
  6. Aluminum-color lacquered wheels.
  7. Contrasting color brake disks behind the wheels.
  8. Prototypical interior with contrasting color instrument panel and separate steering wheel.
  9. Free-standing interior rearview mirror with silvered reflecting face.
  10. Highly polished metallic lacquer finish in factory colors.
  11. Superfine-printed license plates.

The models are available in the following colors: Akaya Silver metallic with black interior, Aero Blue metal­lic with light gray interior and Oyster Gray metallic with light gray interior.

49934 Anniversary Set “Design Evolution”
Streamlining yesterday and today: "Evolution in Design," par excellence. Metallic Silver lacquer showcases the "advancement" of the Auto Union racing car and the new Audi A6 to achieve perfection in 1:87 scale from the body up to the radiator grille. The rear wall of the presentation case symbolizes this evolution by skillful juxtaposition of the profiles of both bodies.

Other information

The following new items presented at the Nürnberg Spielwarenmesse (International Toy Fair) in 2004 were completed too late and so will be delivered to retailers in spring 2005:

43000 Toyota Land Cruiser J40 with Hardtop
44500 American Bus "Fishbowl", green
44501 American Bus "Fishbowl", red
44502 American Bus "RTD" Route 35 Los Angeles

Our new 49975 VIP CD ROM "Vehicle Program Information" is being updated. We will inform you when it is ready.

The new collecting passion:

Ricko auto models in 1:87 scale. Since 2001, Ricko has produced vehicle models in 1:18 scale. Now they are beginning to manufacture models in the popular collecting scale of 1:87. Great importance is placed on the highest quality, both in prototypically faithful detail and precision fit of the plastic components, and in the printing and decoration of the models.

Ricko’s model selection philosophy differs substantially from other suppliers of 1:87 scale models. Instead of a number of variants of a few models, there will be a range of different models to entice collectors. The following models are planned: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA (2002), Alfa 147 Cup version (2001), Alfa Romeo 33.2 Daytona (1968), Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO 2 (1992), Lamborghini Gallardo (2004) and Maserati Quattroporte (2003). Other Italian classics, as well as some German old-timers, are in preparation. Since the individual models come in just a few different versions, it is possible to collect a complete model series. Naturally, the new Ricko auto models will also add variety to the street scenes on 1:87 scale model railroad layouts.

The new models will be presented during Spielwarenmesse in Nürnberg (10.-15.02.2005). Beginning in March, you will find the first models at your vehicle model specialist dealer. BUSCH GmbH & Co. KG in Viernheim is the exclusive distributor for Germany. You will soon find more information and detailed product descriptions on the Internet at: www.RickoRicko.de.

Special thanks to Bill Cawthon for the translation.

4th of December 2004

Audi A4 - "facelifted" version

Hör’! Horch! Audi!
All three mean “listen!” Because there is more news from Busch! The "facelifted" versions of the full-size AUDI A4 and A4 Avant were only recently introduced to the public but the first 1:87 scale miniature replicas were already "ready to roll."

These new, highly detailed models are perfect reproductions of the mid-range sedans from Ingolstädt. Rich lacquer finishes, delicate separately applied parts and superfine chrome printing result in an overall impression of prototypical accuracy, which is highlighted by the following noteworthy details:

1. Super high-gloss polished body with finely engraved lines.

2. Bright headlight assemblies with prototypical three-lamp optics as well as separate taillights.

3. Superfine chrome plating for the grille surround, AUDI logo and fog lights on the front as well as the exhaust pipe tips at the rear of the model. Even the reflector surfaces of the outside and inside mirrors are chrome-plated.

4. Fine printing of the model designation on the vehicle back, separate printing of the third brake light in red (in the case of the sedan, it is even inside the model), complex printing of the B and C pillars as well as the edges on the windshield and rear window of the vehicle. The reversing (backup) lights are printed on the taillights.

5. Separately applied high gloss chrome trim on the rear of the sedan, and/or matte chrome-plated roof railing with the Avant model.

6. Aluminum-colored painted wheel rims.

7. Contrasting color brake disks behind the rims

8. Prototypical interior assembly with contrasting color instrument panel and separately installed steering wheel.

9. Freestanding inside mirror with chromed reflector surface.

10. High gloss metallic lacquer finishes in original vehicle colors.



Special Production – 1:87 Auto Models

Busch also makes special models for advertising, exhibitions and special events. These special models are not available through our regular trade distribution. The following is an overview of such models produced in recent weeks:


For DCH Beese GmbH advertising agency in Hamburg:

Smart Fortwo “Mecklenburg Insurance”


For Smart in Böblingen (available at the Smart Center):

Smart Roadster in Jack Black (Part No. Q 0019662 V001 C02 Q00)

Smart Roadster Coupe in Jack Black (Part No. Q 0019663 V001 C02 Q00)


For Hardy’s Accessory World, Duisberger Str. 349 in 45478 Mülheim:

Smart Fortwo “Easy Software” (2000-piece limited edition)


For DaimlerChrysler AG and Smart:

Smart City Coupe pace car “Berlin Marathon 2004”


For Malteser-Miniaturmodelle, Peter Neubauer, Gönheimer Way 18 A in 67105 Schifferstadt:

Smart City Coupe “Malteser/German Red Cross First Responder”


For Audi, Ingolstadt:

Audi A4 Avant “DSV Ski National Crew”


For DaimlerChrysler Overseas, After Sales:

“Workshop” Diorama with one of the following models: Smart Fortwo Coupe in Lite White and Stream Green, Smart Roadster "CMD" model in Star Blue metallic or Glance Gray metallic, Mercedes-Benz M-Class "CMD" in jasper blue metallic or dark green metallic, Mercedes-Benz C-class "Designo Line" in "CMD" finish in Designo varicolor gray-violet or Designo varicolor green-blue, Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model, “CMD" in the colors Titanium Red metallic or Techtic Gray metallic, or a Mercedes Benz CLK Class Convertible "CMD" model in jasper blue metallic or dark green metallic.


For “The Little Auto Shop” of Kolontay, Marienstraße 9, 49074 Osnabrück:
Mercedes-Benz ML-Class Osnabrück Rescue Service


For Conrad Electronic in Hirschau:

Smart Fortwo with Clever Trailer “Latte Macchiato”

Citroën H van “Latte Macchiato Mobile”


For Hobby Time B.V., Postbus 136, NL-7600 AC Almelo / www.hobbytime.nl:
49261 Audi A4 Avant, Dutch Ambulance
49161 Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model “Haaglanden Police”
49162 Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model “Zaanstrek-Waterland Police”

25th of August, 2004

Third release of new models for 2004 (August)

The third release of new models is now shipping to hobby distributors and retailers. Among the models are the new American motorcycle and American travel trailer and the second of the Busch Tenth Anniversary models, “Ulm Fire Brigade.”

The complete list of new models in the third release follows:

40150 American Motorcycle: Finely crafted motorcycle with “correct” wheels and many chrome accessories. The model’s engine captures the viewer’s attention with its fine detail; just as on the original, there is even a kickstand which swings out from the bottom.

41553 Mercedes-Benz 170V “Schmitz Nursery”: This nursery truck carries various bags and a tree in its open bed.

41853 Ford E-350 “F.D.N.Y.”: New York Fire Department emergency vehicle with superfine printing of city markings.

42201 Multicar “Public Works”: Municipal service vehicle in typical orange with red and white stripes.

44619 Plymouth Voyager “Woody”: Elegant model variation richly lacquered in champagne metallic and teal pearl metallic with realistic wood grain printing.

44718 Buick with American travel trailer: 50s Buick hardtop with the classic cigar-shaped travel trailer that captures a picture of the times. Even today, one can see such combinations on the American continent. The trailer is aluminum plated to give the finish the proper shine and whitewall tires are the final touch for a realistic appearance.

45013 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupé “Chicago Fire Department”: Emergency vehicle of the Chicago Fire Department with the typical red body and black roof. A nice complement to the No. 49927 Chicago Fire Department set.

47214 Renault R312 “Paris” 11th Version: Finely printed model in the Parisian City Bus collector’s series covering various lines. For 2004, the tenth model in the series, “Gare du Nord” is already sold out and the new “Pont Neuf” is available. The following models have already been released:

47551 Ford Mustang Coupé “Historic Touring Car Trophy” Start No. 95: The HTWH (Historic Touring Car Trophy) is the largest historic car competition in Europe. The driver of the British Racing Green Mustang with start number 95 was the rising star, Reinhold Gröpper. As is typical of racing cars, the interior of the Busch model has a roll cage and only a single seat.

48218 Chevrolet Pickup “Carpenter’s Workshop”: American carpenter’s truck in dark brown with three coffins of different colors in the bed.

48532 Mercedes-Benz M-Class “Paderborn Fire Brigade”: Specialty vehicle used by emergency services in Paderborn. The fluorescent red and melon-yellow model has chromed horns mounted on the roof with the blue light bar.

48534 Mercedes-Benz M-Class “Malteser Emergency Doctor”: Emergency doctor’s vehicle of the Malteser Aid Service (Order of St. John of Malta). The model has chromed horns mounted on its blue light bar.

49013 Ford Crown Victoria “Frisco Police”: Patrol car of the Frisco (Texas) Police features fine printing. The blue stripe on the side has a white horse pattern.

49084 Ford Crown Victoria “Pennsylvania State Police”: No. 43 in the limited edition “U.S. State Police” collector’s series. In 1905, Pennsylvania formed two separate agencies, the State Police and the Highway Patrol. The two organizations were combined into the Pennsylvania Motor Police in 1937. In 1943, this agency became the Pennsylvania State Police, which it remains today.

49159 Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model “Ulm Fire Brigade” Limited Edition: Mercedes C-Class T-Model decorated as an emergency vehicle of the Ulm Fire Brigade. The fire-red model with its distinctive yellow graphics is supplied in a presentation box printed on the base and cover. Production strictly limited to 750 serially numbered pieces which show the Cathedral of Ulm reverse-printed on the rear wall or the cover. Before the model stands a fireman carrying a child he has saved.

49203 Audi A 4 “Bavarian Police”: Light silver-lacquered sedan in the brand-new Bavarian Police graphics. This design has a dashed line above and below the mint-green side stripe. The model features superfine printing of the Bavarian state crest on both sides of the body.

49257 Audi A 4 Avant “Johanniter Emergency Doctor”: Audi A4 Avant in the dramatic design of a Johanniter Accident Aid emergency doctor. The highly detailed printing even includes Johanniter logos on the roof spoiler.

49300 Smart Roadster: Smart Roadster in standard version. The model first appears in “Jack Black” with silver Tridion and red seats and “Spice Red” with black Tridion and black seats.

1st of August, 2004

Second release of new models for 2004 (June):

The second release of new BUSCH models is now being shipped to distributors and retailers. Among the second series releases are the new Multicar and Smart Forfour. In addition, the first of the BUSCH Tenth Anniversary models, a fire brigade set in the colors of the Technical University of Munich, is now available. The following is a list of all the new models in the second release:

40912 DKW 3=6 “Maja Tea” A nostalgic delivery truck decorated for a German import company.
41046 Mercedes-Benz O-3500 “Austrian Post Bus” The Post yellow model of an old time bus features fine printing.
41814 Ford E-350 Ambulance “Los Angeles Fire Department”
41818 Ford E-350 Ambulance “Plano (TX) Fire Rescue”

42200 Multicar 26 with pickup bed (New Model)

The East German Multicar company traces its origins to Waltershausen in 1920. After World War II, it was nationalized and began producing a line of small trucks. After the reunification of Germany, the company was quickly privatized and is now owned by the Hako Group, the well known manufacturer of specialty vehicles. The Multicar 26 was introduced at the Hanover International Automobile Show in 1992 and is based on the Multicar 25, a very successful vehicle with a 100,000-unit production run from 1978 through 1991. The Busch model is an outstanding 1:87 scale replica of the Multicar 26. From the front, the large windshield allows the viewer to immediately take in the high, separate driver's seats and the detailed interior. Delicate windshield wipers are applied as separate parts. The headlight inserts have chrome-plated backs to produce the appearance of real clear glass optics. The taillights of the model are so skillfully attached that light can pass through, creating yet another realistic effect. The pickup bed of the model has an opening tailgate and can be tilted. Available colors include medium green and dark blue with silver-gray pickup bed.

42614 Ferrari 250 GTO Racing VI “Tourist Trophy Goodwood” The sixth model in the sporting series is the celadon-green No. 15 car driven by Innes Ireland when he won the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood in 1962.
42907 Cadillac 1966 Hearse. Black funeral car with printed silver flourishes and dark violet draperies.

43907 Volvo 544 “East African Safari” CMD

In 1965, the Kenyan Joginder Singh achieved what was probably Volvo’s largest success with a PV544 in the East African Safari Rallye (in the same year Volvo was chosen as the Rallye world champion). The winning car made history. It was originally supposed to participate in 1964, however, a training accident made the season a total loss. The brothers Joginder and Jaswant Singh took care of their disabled vehicles, repaired the cars and won one year later. BUSCH reproduced the winning vehicle, which now has starting number 1, in 1:87 scale. Over 30 separate printing operations were required to make the model prototypically accurate and create this special jewel for the CMD Collection.

44003 Dodge Power Wagon “Military Police” Military-style truck with canvas-covered bed and U.S. Army markings.
44618 Chrysler Voyager Münster/Osnabrück Airport Fire Brigade The model features white bumpers and yellow "zigzag" printing. Nice companion to the predecessor model 44616
46675 Dodge Monaco “Idaho State Patrol” No. 41 in the limited edition collector’s series.
47507 Ford Mustang Convertible, top down “Crazy Cars” White convertible with an American flag theme.
47552 Ford Mustang Hardtop “HTWT No. 96” The HTWH (Historic Touring Car Trophy) is the largest historic car competition in Europe. Chrome yellow Mustang No. 96 was driven by Franz-Josef Berg of Aachen. As is typical of racing cars, the interior of the Busch model has a roll cage and only a single seat.
47690 Chevrolet Caprice “Vermont State Police” No. 44 in the limited edition collector’s series. The VSP model is finished in a deep green metallic lacquer.
48613 Mercedes-Benz A-Class “Follow me” Based on an escort vehicle used at the Düsseldorf/Mönchengladbach airport. Yellow with complex black checkerboard pattern.
48750 Puch 500 with closed Sunroof The Austrian version of the Fiat 500 was produced from 1957 to 1968. The Puch featured a slightly more powerful engine and different front panel design.
48805 Messerschmitt KR 200 “Franck” Advertising vehicle for Heinrich Franck & Sons in Ludwigsburg, a manufacturer of coffee flavorings and additives.
48938 Smart Fortwo “Fire Brigade” With flame printing.
48941 Smart Fortwo “Eilige Arzneimittel” Pharmacy (Chemist’s) vehicle for quick prescription deliveries.
49012 Ford Crown Victoria “Los Angeles Police”

49505 Smart Forfour “CMD-Collection” (New Model)

The prototypically accurate replica makes its first appearance as a CMD model and captivates the viewer by its exquisite details. Super sharp outlines gleam in rich metallic colors matching the colors of the real car. Special care ensures headlights receive their typical bright gloss. Fine printing on of the air scoops, logos, third brake light and license plates transform the model into a small work of art. The separate windshield wipers and individual door handles enhance the appearance of this plastic miniature. The taillights, which appear to be printed, are actually tiny individual parts carefully installed by hand. The view of the interior is also worthwhile. Here the four-part interior is faithful to the original and allows for several color variants, just like the full-size car. Behind the elegant silver painted rims one will find separate chrome-plated brake disks rounding out complete appearance of the jaunty four-door. The models are available in the following color combinations: Flame Red metallic/Tridion: Silver, Star Blue metallic/Tridion: Titanium Gray and Baygray metallic/Tridion: Silver.

49933 Fire Brigade Set “TUM” (Technical University of Munich) Two beautiful emergency vehicles used by the Technical University of Munich. As "KLAF" (small alarm vehicle) there the Mercedes Benz Sprinter supported by the Smart Fortwo as its "Gal Friday." The two models are packed in presentation box with base and cover printing.

23. June 2004


Ford Mustang 1994

In April 1964, Ford presented the new Mustang to the public at the New York World’s Fair. Exactly 40 years later, the Mustang hardtop is available in 1:87 scale from your hobby retailer. The Busch model captures the essence of the original with superfine printing of the Mustang logos and white wall tires and includes many chrome-plated individual parts (radiator grille, bumpers, rims, steering wheel). The first models will be produced in red, black and white.

The Mustang was praised as the “Thunderbird for the little guy.” Lee Iacocca, Ford’s vice president, conceived of the Mustang as the sports car for the young and young-at-heart. Intended to be affordable to the lower middle class, the basic version of the Mustang with a 106hp, six-cylinder engine was available for $US 2,368, half the price of the competing Chevrolet Corvette. On the first day it was available, it sold out and more than 20,000 additional orders were written, a world record.

1st of April, 2004


NEW! Audi A6!

The new AUDI A6 was introduced to the world on February 16, 2004 at a gala event in Berlin (carried live on NTV). In time for this world premiere, Busch completed the model of the newest AUDI in 1:87 scale. The new AUDI A6 is one of the most precise automobile models we have ever manufactured, featuring superfine, hairline outlines and superthin chrome-plated trim. The Busch AUDI A6 has a prototypically accurate multipart interior; transparent headlights with realistic optics, sporty 9-spoke wheels and a highly polished metallic lacquer finish.

The first edition, produced exclusively for AUDI, possesses the following additional features: Interior and outside mirrors with chrome-plated reflector surfaces, front and rear window frames printed in black, silver printed backup lights on the taillights, AUDI rings, type designation and door handles. Topped off with chrome-plated exhaust pipe tips. You can experience the 1:87 scale model as well as the large 1:1 model for the first time at the AUDI display at the Geneva automobile salon in March 2004. For more information about the large model, visit www.audi.de.

18. February 2004


Construction Site

Busch was among the sponsors of an unusual application for model railroad products: A university thesis at the University of Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany. The topic of the thesis was the creation of a manual named "Construction Site from A to Z" with a realistic diorama as a visual aid.

The two former students, Markus Elsässer and Jochen Geist, earned their diplomas by preparing a comprehensive reference book and a descriptive supporting model, which give students and practicing professionals all the necessary information about setting up a construction site quickly and conveniently. Professor Martin Kiuntke was the faculty supervisor for the project.

The two students spent 1,000 hours building their highly detailed scene in precise 1:87 scale. It covers an area of approximately 2.7 by 0.6 meters (just over 8' 10" X 23.6"). The result is a genuine slice of life from the everyday world of a highway construction site. As the last concrete is poured into the forms and fresh asphalt is rolled, traffic is rerouted onto the old highway. Even a police radar trap is included.

The model scene corresponds to a full-size road section 235 meters (771 feet) long, representing 4,000 square meters of roadway, with 2,700 square meters under construction. That's almost an acre of scale scenery.

Seventy vehicles, including 22 trucks, 24 cars and 20 building vehicles (all with occupants) animate the scene.

Busch provided roadway and scenery materials, as well as electronic products and vehicle models for the project.

The project shows very clearly that scale models and scenery products can be much more than "just" accessories for model railroads.

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Special thanks to Bill Cawthon for the translation.

14th of August 2002



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