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10 years Busch Automodelle

Open House, Schönheide, September 11th, 2004


Busch Automodelle is now 10 years old and we celebrated our birthday with you. Our vehicle model production facility was open to the public for the first time. A program including a variety of activities rounded out the event. Over 1,000 visitors came; not only from all over Germany, but also from Belgium, France, Holland, Austria and even from the USA.


The unexpectedly large crowd meant we could not conduct the guided tours we had planned, but we were able to react and make new arrangements quickly. Visitors were able to move freely around the buildings and work areas where Busch employees explained the individual steps of producing a new model. The design department was constantly besieged and visitors were shown how the design of the small model is taken from the CAD data and how every aspect of the process must be considered.


Whether it was milling, grinding or polishing, for our visitors there were no secrets. In the injection molding department, one could see the finished parts coming from the machines. In addition, visitors were able to see how the plastic gets its color.


In the print shop one could see how “tampo” printing works. Although it was usually crowded around the machines, every question was answered. There was even occasionally enough time for a visitor or two to try their hand at printing with the machine.


The visitors were also fascinated by the assembly process; especially how the many small parts must be precisely combined, and one frequently heard the comment, “That’s not for me – I would never have thought that so many steps were necessary before a model car is found in its package in the shop!”


In the exhibition area every model we have produced in the last ten years was on display. The highlight in this area was the presentation of the new Audi A4 sedan and the new Audi A4 Avant (more information on these new models will follow shortly on our regular website). The exhibit was completed by several landscape dioramas, on which the small vehicle models are particularly effective.


During the event, ten Smart Fortwo (Busch models in 1:87 scale) with copper-plated body panels were awarded by random drawings. Congratulations to the lucky winners. And every visitor who pre-registered received a black Audi A4 with silver roof printing identifying it as an anniversary model (“Tag der offenen Tür” with the Busch logo and the date 11.09.2004). The package is also marked as a special edition “10 Years Busch Automodelle.”


Also at our Open House…


Smart Car Show

Busch is the exclusive producer of all Smart models in 1:87 scale. So that you could compare the large ones with the small ones, full-size Smarts were on display. And it was also possible to try a “test sitting” in them.


Children’s Program

For "the little ones" there was a hopping castle and activity center. Here, our small guests could enjoy face-painting, painting, arranging buttons and much more.


Bargain Market

There was lots of activity in the clearance market, too. From all the Busch product ranges of model railroad accessories, we offered an interesting selection of items from vehicle models to the Karina doll assortment up to walkie-talkies and radio cassette players for absolutely bargain prices.


Meals & Beverages

The catering team from the Hotel Forstmeister in Schönheide ensured the body’s well-being. Particularly around midday, when one was becoming hot, the lines got long, but the waiting times were manageable and everyone got all they wanted.



Live music by “Kreuzschnabel”

We had music from "Kreuzschnabel.” Kreuzschnabel is either the name of a songbird native to the Erzgebirge - or a folk rock band from Schönheide. The members of Kreuzschnabel carry their message of life and faith in Jesus Christ in their music. The songs range in style from Irish folk ballads to blues rock. A trademark of the band is their extensive range of instruments. In addition to the "classical" instruments of a rock band one can see and hear mandolin, recorder, jew’s harp, accordion and bagpipes in a Kreuzschnabel concert and much more besides. The band members are an experienced and well-rehearsed team appreciated by their audiences. The members of Kreuzschnabel have been together for 10 years and celebrate their anniversary along with Busch.


Cornelia Leistner (Vocals, Flute, Guitar)
Stefan Binner (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Bagpipes, Flute .....)
Rene Wappler (Bass, Double Bass, Banjo, Vocals)
Ulli Richter (Keyboard, Accordion, Vocals)
Johannes Unger (Drums, Guitar, Vocals)
Andreas Schubert (Percussion, Harmonica)
Robert Lenk (Technical)


Kreuzschnabel’s CDs include: “Abgefahren“, “Weck uns auf“ and “Handmade“ (appearing at the end of 2004)



Thank You!


Thanks to all visitors who attended. Thank you especially for your patience and your good moods which allowed the day to run harmoniously.


Thank you, Mayor Trommer, for the speech.


Thanks to the team from Hotel Forstmeister for the good service.


Thank you to the members of the band Kreuzschnabel for the perfect music for the event.


Thanks to the team at Modelbau Wappler, who ensured we had a model railroad show display with support.


Thanks to the Smart Center in Zwickau, which provided the large Smarts.


Thanks to the team from Mobilen Waldi in Grünheide for taking good care of the children.


Finally, thanks to all the Busch associates at Schönheide for your work, without which this day could not have taken place. And naturally to Mr. Stegmann, without whose perfect organization nothing would have happened as well as it did. Thanks.




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