BUSCH Model Railways: CD-ROM Alpine Backgrounds


H0, TT, N, Z, 1/G 2868 CD-ROM Alpine Backgrounds

About 75 individual elements to create unique backgrounds with Alpine panoramas, glaciers, firs and spruces, typical houses of the Alps and many winter, snow-covered elements. With this CD-ROM, you can create complete backgrounds for your model railroad on your PC. The CD-ROM contains images of buildings, industrial plants, walls, background panoramas, sky, etc. stored in PSD and JPEG formats. All views are frontal photographs and can be reused without degrading the image quality. It is easy to align the pictures, making them perfect for use as background scenes. With the program preview (JPEG), provided on the CD-ROM, the individual components can be printed out in different scales, cut out, and mounted on cardboard. It is easy and inexpensive to make a variety of 3-D backgrounds in this way. If you have picture-editing software capable of using PSD files (e.g. PhotoShop, PhotoPaint, CorelDraw or the like), a complete background can be created and printed on your PC. For all scales, designed for IBM-compatible PCs running Windows® 95 or higher.

Neuheit: 2004